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The Experience! 

Whatever your story, BD Kids will tell it. Bring personal items that reveal and complete your family story. We are talking about items that capture the essence of your relationship. Maybe you love indoor or outdoor games, camping, cooking or traveling. Then you can bring your bicycles or your monopoly, your baseball equipment or your cookware set! 

First step: What is a consultation?

The consultation is where we sit, relax and talk about you. We are telling your story through pictures so we want to know everything about your kids, your family, your house, your likes and dislikes. We will talk about your home and the wall spaces so we can plan and create something fantastic just for you. We will also give you advice about what clothes to wear. Usually two different outfits are just fine. After having this consultation, you will be very relaxed and ready to have a smooth and fun experience during your photo session.

How should I book my session?

You can book your photo session over the phone or during the consultation. If you do it over the phone, your next step is to schedule your consultation. 50% is required to book your session and the balance is due at your photo session. 

When will the images be ready?

You will have an Ordering Appointment 7-10 days after your session. Here you will see your images for the first time projected in a fun slideshow. During this Ordering Appointment we will help you with all of your final decisions on images and extra products you ‘d like to order, so please make sure all decision makers are present. 50% is required to place the order. We assure that we will exceed your expectations and your photos will truly be a unique expression of your family, and are certain to wow you!

Are children allowed to attend ordering appointments?

You might want to arrange childcare for children under the age of 12. Or we can schedule your appointment when your children are in school. We highly recommend this in order to provide you with the best relaxing experience and be sure that you enjoy the fabulous products and combinations we have put together just for you.

When will everything be ready?

Because our products are made with high quality materials, the production takes time, so please allow 3 to 5 weeks from the time your order is processed.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer them. The minimum amount is $200

When do you recommend to bring our newborn to the photo session?

The younger, the better, preferably within the first two weeks of life, because they sleep for longer periods of time an are not disturbed easily. They are also more flexible and are less likely to have newborn acne which usually flares up around 3 weeks of age.

When do you recommend to have my maternity pictures taken?

The best time is at 8 months. Your belly is big enough to show and we are not worried about running to the hospital any minute.

Where will my session take place?

We photograph in studio, outdoors or the client's home. No matter where the session is held, we are capable of finding the perfect light to capture beautiful images. Families are the only type that we do not photograph in the studio. At the client's home we always look for large windows or glass doors, which let the light come through.

When should I book my session?

We are usually booked with more than 4 months in advance, but we can always accommodate last minute sessions.

Please call us to discuss your portrait needs. We promise you will have an unforgettable experience!